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“Come On You Sons of Bitches, Do You Want to Live Forever?” 

Gunnery Sergeant Dan Daly was one of two Marines to have been awarded the Medal of Honor twice.  His first was awarded to him as a Private, fresh out of boot camp, during his first deployment to Beijing during the Boxer Rebellion.  On his first night guarding the American Embassy, he defended it from a large force of rebels and killed over 200 of them by himself.

His second was earned in Haiti where he and his outnumbered squad were ambushed by 400 Cacos.  Fighting out of the ambush, the machine gunner had dropped his weapon in the river they were crossing.  Daly went back that night by himself, retreived the machine gun, and then led his squad back into the jungle where they found and destroyed the Cacos who assaulted them.

Daly is also known for the famous saying on this shirt which he screamed during the Battle of Belleau Wood to push his Marines forward – “Come On You Sons of Bitches, Do you Want to Live Forever?”

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