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“Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.”

But few people actually question the Keep Calm part. This comes from the original “Keep Calm and Carry On” slogan adopted by the British during the German bombing campaigns of WWII.

It means, stay calm and go about your business despite the fact that the world is falling apart around you. It is a message of strength, and we have translated it into a message of pride for Marines and Marine Corps veterans.

The media’s take on PTSD in this country has stigmatized veterans to a point where many are ashamed of themselves and their thoughts.

They fear being perceived as “hyper vigilant” or as the stereotypical veteran, and in our view, this stigmatization is what has led to widespread alienation and depression amongst veterans.

Our point is this: If you’ve been through combat, then you’ve been through one of the toughest experiences a human being can go through. Are you supposed to come back all smiley and shit? Are you any more abnormal for being vigilant than the cheese dick in a suit and tie that let’s people walk all over him all day long, and who lives in denial about whether or not he’s secure? No, you’re not.

So no, this shirt is not about actually killing anyone. It’s a statement about being comfortable with who you are, and not apologizing to anyone for the ways your experiences in the actual real world have shaped you and your perspectives.

Semper Fi

Designed and printed by US military veterans. Printed on comfortable 100% cotton tee. Satisfaction guaranteed or we will fix it!

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